What a Virtual Assistant Isn’t

I am not your employee. Nor am I a consultant. I am not your subordinate. I am not a specialist in any one specific area of administrative support.

What a Virtual Assistant Is

Like you, I am a small business owner . . . an entrepreneur. I provide administrative and, sometimes, personal support for small business owners who can not – or will not – deal with the costs in time and money associated with employing an administrative support person. Those costs include space, equipment, benefits, training, etc. I am your partner; not in the legal sense, but in the collaborative sense, committed to helping you reach your goals.

I have been trained by the best VA facility in the world – AssistU – to support you from the context of an entirely virtual environment. Strictly speaking, there is no administrative need to ever meet in person – unless we want to! We communicate using basic and state-of-the-art technology; from phone and fax machine to remote computer access and file transfer protocol.

As the nature of our relationship is collaborative , I have the opportunity to relate to your business goals in depth. This enables me to proactively help you analyze, strategize and organize your efforts to reach those goals.

How it works


“Patti can organize anyone! She is focused and determined to make our business run smoothly – so smoothly that I, and the rest of our staff, never have to second-guess the policy and procedures that she has put in place.”

~Barbara Walder
Owner, Indoor Sports Pavilion

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