What’s on Your 2do List?

Here is just a sampling of the tasks and challenges I can take off your 2do list, virtually, allowing you to focus on starting up or growing your business:

General Business Services

  • Word Press website-creation and maintenance
  • WordPress Blog management
  • Email list management
  • Scheduling (personal and professional)
  • Calendar scheduling and management
  • Database development and maintenance
  • Preparation of office manuals
  • Development of correspondence
  • Research (Internet or traditional)
  • Project management
  • Spreadsheet creation
  • Word processing
  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving
  • Fill in your major challenge(s) here

Startup Business Services

  • Brainstorming
  • Business plan creation
  • Office management
  • Office systems set-up
  • Coordination of office moves
  • Vendor liaison
  • Construction coordination

But my true passion is organizing and devising fixes to improve bad situations. I definitely take after my Dad, who was a Systems and Procedures Analyst. He would be hired by a company to make all the departments within the company organized by setting up standard office procedures for the entire company. He created systems so that administrative tasks were done the same way throughout the company. Therefore, each department of the company could communicate more efficiently by using all the same forms and work would flow.

Using my Dad as a model, when I see someone struggling in a situation, whether it is in an office environment or personal life, I immediately brainstorm and strategize an alternative way of getting the issue resolved. I always think of the most direct way to do something. Setting up a new business or office is very exciting to me. How to make the work environment extremely efficient is paramount. The thought of having all the right tools available, in the right place and readily available to be efficient really jazzes me. As I said, it is my passion.

If you have a task or challenge that is not described above, please ask.

What to Expect


“Patti can organize anyone! She is focused and determined to make our business run smoothly – so smoothly that I, and the rest of our staff, never have to second-guess the policy and procedures that she has put in place.”

~Barbara Walder
Owner, Indoor Sports Pavilion

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