What’s the Next Step?

Contact me to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. This initial discussion should only last about 10-15 minutes. This is the ultimate “blind date”, because our only cues about each other will be virtual. During our first conversation, we will decide if we want to schedule a more detailed follow-up conversation.

During the follow-up conversation, you should be prepared to discuss any combination of the following topics:

  • How did you hear about Virtual Assistance?
  • Why do you think you need a VA?
  • What tasks/responsibilities are draining you?
  • What are your current challenges?
  • What are your current opportunities?
  • What do you spend the majority of time doing each day? Do these things generate revenue?
  • What are your business goals?
  • What are you personal goals?
  • What do you like least about your business?
  • Do you think it will be easy for you to delegate?
  • How much time will you need from a VA? On a weekly basis? On a monthly basis?

During the follow-up conversation, I will also be happy to answer any questions you have about my experience, the expertise I can bring to the table, and my experience as a fellow small business owner.

Following our discussion, we will reach consensus as to whether we are a good fit, and whether or not we want to work together. Because this will be one of the most important professional relationships either of us will ever have, a third conversation may need to be scheduled to go into even more detail about our virtual collaboration.

Who is Patti Seipp?


“Patti can organize anyone! She is focused and determined to make our business run smoothly - so smoothly that I, and the rest of our staff, never have to second-guess the policy and procedures that she has put in place.”

~Barbara Walder
Owner, Indoor Sports Pavilion

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